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The Triple Effect

The Triple Effect

The first blood campaign in the corporate sector was held in October 2010, and since then we’ve been blessed with a lot of success with our partnering companies and organizations. A demonstration of what we are capable of in the Triple Effect was proven in November 2011 during Egypt’s vast need for blood due to the continuous casualties from protests. We managed to run 15 campaigns in only 2 weeks!

The last quarter of 2012, The Triple Effect ran campaigns with companies, including Apache, Mentor Graphics, Shell, Mars, APL, EMC2, L’oreal, PwC, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Lufkin and Link Development. It was such a inspiring experience to meet so many people willing to help the cause and do something good for their society. A very good example of this was shown in the 11 Blood Champions in Mentor Graphics who organized an amazing experience for the employees that went to Donate Blood.  Snacks were served and mugs were distributed to the ones who took part in saving lives as a memento for their participation. Red balloons decorated the place all around to give a more motivating spirit to the event and a promotional video was even made by the champions. With those valuable simple acts, they helped to collect 78 blood bags, saving 234 lives!

Another successful story was with EMC2, where the 12 Blood Champions used the Triple Effect promotional materials, emails and personal talks to spread awareness and move people to save lives. Once more, white polo T-shirts were distributed and Triple Effect Champions pins were used to create a sense of unity. We’re sure the Egypt is grateful for those people who helped to save 276 lives by collecting 92 blood bags!

What is more, although APL and Lufkin have small headcounts, an amazing job was made to change employees’ minds and engage them in donating blood. Using one-on-one talks, the promotional materials and sending email communications, a huge number of the employees came to be a part of the blood drives.

Those stories are just a small taste of our success during 2012, and we hope that more companies will join our mission in 2013 and help us spread the awareness and find a solution for any person in need of blood!

What are you waiting for…get in touch with the Triple Effect!

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