The Triple Effect … goes global!

The Triple Effect goes global!

The Triple Effect goes global!

In June 2011 , The Triple Effect has its first Blood Drives in Middle East including the PwC offices in Egypt, Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In September 2011, we have the launching of Blood Donation survey and 80% of the respondents across the Middle East region are willing to participate in a blood drive at the work place.

In June 2012, PwC offices in Abu Dhabi, Iraq and Jordan have their first campaigns for the World Blood Donor Day. Also P&G offices in Egypt and Lebanon and Orascom Telecom offices in Pakistan, Algeria, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

This year we are happy to announce that more countries joined the Triple Effect by organizing Blood Drives and Health campaigns as for example PwC offices in Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire and Uganda.

We are expecting more and more countries get on board with The Triple Effect and make it… Global!

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