For Universities & Youth Groups


The Triple Effect is aimed at many different target groups. One of those target groups is “university students”. To implement the Triple Effect with university students, we had to engage them and bring out the best in them by giving them ownership of the project.

University students are the target group with most passion and enthusiasm, and they still believe that the impossible does not exist! This is mainly because they haven’t let their life demands bring them down and their creativity has no limits! So the Triple Effect team thought of creating a competition between the universities on running a successful blood donation campaign. The competition had various criteria that the campaign was going to be evaluated upon for example; number of campaigns, number of blood bags, awareness about quality of blood, communication, and health awareness.

Moreover, to make it easier to monitor and guide the campaigns, the Triple Effect team addressed student clubs rather than individual universities, like the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students Federation (EPSF) and AIESEC.


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