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One of the focuses of the Triple Effect is “Corporate Engagement” because the corporate sector is one of the largest segments of our society and we can’t create a national effect without their participation! Through corporate engagement, we aspire to empower people inside corporations to give back through a small and essential act of active citizenship and donating blood.

As a part of corporate engagement, we partner with companies and organizations, and organize blood drives at their premises to make it easier for their employees. We also create more awareness and education on the ‘lack of safe blood supply’ issue in Egypt, as well as general health and healthy living by running sessions for staff.   We do this through our work with  “Triple Effect Champions” who are volunteers inside the companies/organizations who have the passion for doing something good for their society, and also have the talent to motivate their colleagues to become engaged in the cause.  We provide champions with the necessary training and tools to help them spread the awareness, and to be prepared for any question that any person might have about the whole process.


Our program is based on an “Annual Cycle”, which includes:


  • Triple Effect Champions Training-of-Trainers (ToT)
  • First blood drive
  • Health Promotion ToT
  • Second Blood Drive



 Levels of Corporate Engagements


At the Triple Effect we have 3 types of partnership levels:

1 – Engage Partners: Companies that are interested to run the Annual Cycle

2 – Educate Partners: Companies that would like to take a step further. In addition to running the blood drives and health awareness sessions, they are involved in our universities engagements. Work with universities is aimed at educating youth about the blood donation issue, general health and healthy living, as well as involving students in carry out different activities and initiatives.

3 – Empower Partners: Companies who realize the importance of our project, will engage the Triple Effect as one of their main Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. They support the sustainability and visibility of the Triple Effect by being part of our communication strategy and positioning their company as one of the pioneers in supporting the blood issue in Egypt. The Empower Partners are also the main sponsors of the “World Blood Donor Day” in collaboration with the World Health Organization.


We will soon feature a detailed explanation of these levels. For now, you can contact us and we will inform you about every detail you want on this.


Join the Triple Effect today and become a role model for blood donors everywhere, and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle!

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We, the triple effect team provide and support a blood donation program to factories everywhere around Egypt easy to access and easy to implement.

Why? Because the triple effect envisions a day in which any Egyptian in need will have a quick access to the safest blood possible whenever and wherever is needed.


Our program for factories has full details how to implement the campaign from A to Z inside a factory premises.

First, we introduce  the cause of blood donation to workers before the blood campaign as a part of our marketing process in factories, then we provide examples of posters, roll-ups and videos that can be used to encourage workers to donate.


Factories play a big part of the solution to the blood issue in Egypt as the problem in Egypt in mainly of the insufficient no. of blood donors, and in factories we can find large no. of workers and many branches.
Hosting a blood drive in each factory across Egypt twice per year, ensures that Egypt will be always ready to satisfy the demand of blood.


To organize a blood drive at your factory, or link us with another factory, please contact below:


Ibrahem Hassaan
Factory coordinator


Amin safwat