Register to Host a Blood Drive


Hosting a blood drive is an easy and effective way of mobilizing donors and collecting blood. A key component of a successful blood drive is having Blood Champions; Key employees within the company who are charismatic, influential and have a passion to make a difference among their colleagues by motivating them to play an active part in solving the blood issue in Egypt.

Hosting a blood drive is a great way to engage your employees while spreading the message on the importance of donating blood and saving lives. Contact us today!



Hosting a blood drive with the Triple Effect is a valuable partnership. A representative from the Triple Effect will assist you every step of the way to help make your drive a success.


What’s expected from the host:


  • Logistics (Providing a venue & Organizing Committee)
  • Promotions (Promoting blood drive and awareness session to potential donors via Blood Champs)


What you can expect from us:

  • Logistics (Liasing with National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) to arrange blood collection);
  • Promotions (Providing ToT to Blood Champs along with a comprehensive toolkit outlining every step, phase & procedure of running a successful blood drive, including samples of promotional materials)
  • Delivering the blood donation awareness session



1. How long does it take to plan and host a blood drive?

According to the toolkit, there are 3 phases to hosting a blood drive with the following timeline:




Phase 1 Planning – Management, Recruitment, Promotion Week 1
Phase 2 Execution – Blood donation awareness, Blood drive Week  2
Phase 3 Evaluation – Campaign evaluation, Retention strategy Week  3

2. What are the basic resources necessary to host a blood drive?

From the host’s perspective, the most basic blood drive will simply require a venue and manpower in terms of arrangement of logistics and promotion of campaign. All steps & procedures of organizing the blood drive and promotional materials are provided in our toolkit.

From the NBTS perspective, a successful campaign will collect approximately 25 – 30 blood bags. Our aim is to work closely with the organization to promote regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donation through raising awareness about its importance while working on improving the negative mis-perceptions about blood donation through various promotional tools, having Blood Champions from within the company and face-to-face session.

3. My company already runs blood drives. What difference will joining the Triple Effect make?

Underlying the Triple Effect is the Empowerment Model. The focus extends beyond the number of blood bags collected but rather, building on the mentality of encouraging regular blood donation. This is facilitated through appointing Blood Champions within the company and universities to motivate their peers, as well as holding the blood donation awareness session.

At the same time, the Triple Effect also emphasizes on health promotions – the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to be a healthy donor to make this as relevant to donors as possible. Please refer to our Health Incentive Package for more details.