30.396 lives say you “Thanks”!

Since July 2012 until June 2013 The Triple Effect collected:

Results year

It has been a great success for all the team.  We have reached our DREAMING goal of 10.000 Blood Bags for the year, and we are more than happy to share all this success with all of you.  Because without you, it wouldn’t be possible..   Thanks to all the employees, students, members of the Triple Effect, voluntaries, and persons that have done possible it!

Thank you to:  HSBC, Tropicana & Oriental Group, Apache, Mentor Graphics, Shell, Mars, APL, EMC2, Loreal, PwC, Pirelli, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Lufkin, Link Development, Citadel Capital, EDC, UNV, Intermark, Barclays, Nissan, Scheneider, Hero, Coca Cola, October Pharma, Alcatel Lucent, Fibers, CIB, Nielsen, EFG Hermes, Stream, Raya, Mars, Orange, P&G, Lafarge.   Without your partnerships and collaboration we can’t change lives and give awareness.

Special Thanks to all the students from Suez Canal University, Suez University, Kafr Elshiekh, and the teams of AIESEC, EPSF and “1 pound for day NGO” that have done possible to spread awareness and reach 6.705 blood bags in the Universities.  Well done!!!

Thanks to PwC global network, in special to Cote D’Ivore, Jordan-Irak, Oman, Qatar, Croatia, and Greece to join efforts with us and spread the message at global level in blood donation and health promotion.  Huge “Thank you” also  to Orascom Telecom Algeria!

Now, the Triple Effect is ready for more and better.  We will have the celebration of the World Blood Donor Day at the end of August and start a new year full of energy and big dreams to impact more lives and change more minds.  Join us and be parf of the Triple Effect!  :-)

Sharek Launch in PwC

PwC launched Sharek event on the 27th of June. A successful event that gave the opportunity for about 40 employees to volunteer and make a difference in a society that needs change. This couldn’t have been done without the participation of the following NGO’s ; Alwan w Awtar, Nahdet el mahrousa, Zahraa, Schaduff, Alashnek ya balady, Nebny foundation, Yadaweya, Wataneya, and last but not least Takatof foundation which organized a successful blood drive in PwC.

Thank you all for this successful event!

Sharek Launching

Sharek Launching

Djezzy – Orascom Telecom Algerie ~ Blood Drive

Djezzy- Orascom Telecom Algerie

Djezzy- Orascom Telecom Algerie

On 03.06.2013 an amazing Blood Campaign took place in Algerie from Djezzy-Orascom Telecom. Thanks to the commitment and engagement of Dr. Hichem Chaat and the amazing logistics  they were able to almost double the blood bag collected last year and reach the incredible number of 953 blood bags collected. An effort that enhances the Triple Effect’s vision and fill us with hope for a global effect!


Get ready for a healthy Ramadan!

Healthy Ramadan!

Healthy Ram

The month of Ramadan provides an excellent opportunity to focus on bringing back a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Fasting encourages one to learn how to manage their eating habits, improve self-control and practice discipline.

Balanced Iftar

The most important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the month of Ramadan is a balanced meal. Often times the meals served during Iftar can be rich in fats, sodium and carbohydrates. One important point to keep in mind is to continue your usual eating pattern during this month as over indulging in rich foods during non-fasting hours can lead to bloating and weight gain. An effective tip to avoid bloating during Ramadan is to start each iftar with sunnah (the traditional Arabic way to break the fast), a combination of dates and water. Not only are dates delicious,they’re also rich in iron and potassium. If you follow this with a balanced iftar that consists of whole grains, pulses, grilled meats, vegetables and fruits you’ll be able maintain a healthy lifestyle and reap the health benefits of fasting!

Nutritious Suhoor

Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal should be a wholesome, moderate meal that is filling and provides enough energy to sustain you throughout the day. For this reason it is important to include slowly-digesting complex carbohydrates in the suhoor. Complex Carbohydrates are foods that will help release energy slowly during the long hours of fasting. Complex carbohydrates are found in grains and seeds, like barley, wheat, oats, millets, semolina, beans, lentils, wholemeal flour, basmati rice, etc. Fibre-rich foods are also digested slowly and include bran, cereals, whole wheat, grains and seeds, potatoes with the skin, vegetables such as green beans and almost all fruit including apricots, prunes, figs, etc. Add protein rich foods as these will keep you alert and will keep you full for longer period of time.

EFG Hermes Blood Drive

EFG Hermes

EFG Hermes

On 29th  of May, the Triple Effect and the EFG Hermes Foundation organized a successful Blood Drive in the premises in Smart Village. Most  of the  employees were really willing to donate and showing interest in our project and the impact.

The result? 85 Blood bags and the promise for an upcoming Blood Drive in the near future.

Healthy Carrot Pie recipe – Bon Appétit

Indulge your sweet tooth

Indulge your sweet tooth

Do you love desserts?

It’s time you think beyond your typical box of chocolate or cakes.

Our Nutrionist Mrs. Vandana Chawla shares with us a healthy and absolutely tasty recipe for homemade Carrot muffins!

Don’t lose time and.

Run to the kitchen and …

Bon Appétit!



Serving – 20 Muffins

Calories- 68 Kcal/ Muffin



1 cup – sugar

1/2 cup – oil

2 – eggs

1cup – flour (1/2cup whole wheat & 1/2cup white flour)

1 large Mashed banana  OR 1 jar – Hero Baby Banana

1 teaspoon – baking soda

½ tablespoon – cinnamon powder

2 cups – grated carrots

4 cup – walnuts/pecans (coarsely chopped)

1/4cup – raisins

1/2 tablespoon – vanilla

and a pinch of salt!



Blend Hero Baby Apple Compote, oil and sugar.  Add eggs one at a time.  Sift dry ingredients, add to mixture and blend well.  Add remaining ingredients.  Pour into greased cans and bake at 350 degrees till they are done.


The active AAST Triple Effect team!

The active AAST Triple Effect team!

The active AAST Triple Effect team!

The Triple Effect team in AAST organised blood donation campaigns at the British University, engineering and business, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and the Egyptian Language School. There was a blood donation booth in each of these institutes on specific days and spread awareness about blood donation. The donation van was standing alongside so that the people could donate blood immediately. A lot of biases and prejudices that people had about blood donation were cleared and they appreciated the effort. While some people were really against the idea initially, after the awareness session, they supported the cause either directly or indirectly. Approximately 200+ blood bags were collected during the campaigns in these universities.

At the Egyptian Language School, the teachers, management faculty and staff were informed about blood donation and they donated blood as well. The school children were really excited and curious about the entire process. They helped the entire team with the campaigning and setting up the booth as well.  A fact that makes as feel confident that the kids are the hope of the future solution!

Find here the inspiring video of AIESEC AAST :


The Triple Effect … goes global!

The Triple Effect goes global!

The Triple Effect goes global!

In June 2011 , The Triple Effect has its first Blood Drives in Middle East including the PwC offices in Egypt, Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In September 2011, we have the launching of Blood Donation survey and 80% of the respondents across the Middle East region are willing to participate in a blood drive at the work place.

In June 2012, PwC offices in Abu Dhabi, Iraq and Jordan have their first campaigns for the World Blood Donor Day. Also P&G offices in Egypt and Lebanon and Orascom Telecom offices in Pakistan, Algeria, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

This year we are happy to announce that more countries joined the Triple Effect by organizing Blood Drives and Health campaigns as for example PwC offices in Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire and Uganda.

We are expecting more and more countries get on board with The Triple Effect and make it… Global!