Who We Are


At the Triple Effect, we believe that the key to sufficient safe blood is via the empowerment of donors in promoting regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donation. In doing so, we envision a day in which any Egyptian in need will have quick access to the safest blood possible whenever and wherever it is needed.


To achieve this goal, we focus on two key areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact in: Awareness and Empowerment.

  • Awareness: By increasing the level of awareness about the lack in quantity and quality of blood in Egypt, we hope to educate and engage donors and potential donors on their impact in creating a community of safe blood donors.
  • Empowerment: By equipping donors and potential donors with the necessary knowledge and tools, we put the focus on them and their ability to mobilize the people around them to ensure the sustainability of this project.



The Triple Effect is a project initiated by Takatof Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of PwC Egypt.

Since 2004, Takatof Foundation has been assisting cancer patients to purchase much needed blood bags, being exposed directly to the impact and suffering of Egyptians from the lack of a regular supply of safe blood. Realizing the short-term nature of this solution, Takatof Foundation is committed to increasing regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donation in Egypt, the safest source of blood possible according to the World Health Organization.


The Triple Effect is a plug-and-play, low cost, high impact project focused on active citizenship* through blood donation. We target donors from Organizations and Youth Groups to contribute to the society through a small yet essential act of active citizenship and donating blood.

* Our perspective on active citizenship revolves mutual relationships, between the citizens and the society. Being an active citizen means that you are playing an active role in the community to create impactful changes that benefit the community itself.

The Triple Effect has 3 main dimensions that work towards sustainability:

Please refer to Our Program for more information on how organizations, youth groups, communities and schools can participate in the Triple Effect.